Our philosophy. Your Honda.

Built with joy to bring joy – that’s the Honda way.

Dreams in motion

At Honda, every car we make is crafted to perfection, built to be reliable and designed to fit around you. We live for engineering and love problem solving. That’s why we think of every last detail; when you drive your Honda home we want you to feel the same joy we felt building it.

An engineer who contributes to the world by creating good products is a person of integrity.

Our founder, Soichiro Honda

Human technology

Our approach is to let curiosity lead the way and learn as we go – it’s this that pushes our technology forward.

Our clever humanoid Asimo symbolises our constant progress, but our philosophy goes across everything we do. From the first Honda car we built in 1963, to four-stroke marine engines, electric lawnmowers and intelligent motorbikes.

Experience in one area gives us new ideas in others, leading to innovations like Magic Seats, the Advanced Driver Assist System (ADAS) and our iVTEC engines. But it’s still just the beginning. We don’t know what’s next, but we can’t wait to find out.

The bigger picture

Our impact on the environment is as important to us as the latest technology.

That’s why we actively develop ideas that aim to make the world better.

Idle Stop is one of them. It turns off your engine when you’re stuck in traffic or sitting at the lights, saving fuel. Our ground breaking Earth Dreams Technology initiative is another – delivering engines that boost performance and cut emissions at the same time.

We’re developing technology that’s kinder to the planet – and which lets us enjoy our time here more than ever.

That’s Honda joy.

It doesn’t stop there

Managing our environmental impact goes across everything we do. Even our factories. Honda Marysville uses rainwater to power itself wherever possible, saving 150,000 tonnes from the tap each year.

With you all the way

Our cars are built to be reliable. But we wouldn't be Honda if we didn't think of everything. From warranties to 24 hour roadside assistance, we've got your car covered with our carefully designed aftercare.